Programming and it’s Use

Here is a Prezi discussing the need of Programming and how it works in regards to web design.


Code Academy


Today I learned how to do the basics of SQL. I haven’t used it in the past but in order for me to get a job in baseball analytics I have to learn.

Here is an example of the code:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM fake_apps
WHERE Price = 0;


The Power of Lightbeam


The picture above illustrates the last 20 minutes of my internet browsing using an add-on called Lightbeam on Firefox. Over the last 20 minutes I was doing a little bit of research on the MLB playoffs since my Toronto Blue Jays are currently involved in them. I intentionally did not go on any social media sites to see how my results would be just reading articles and statistics. Even though I did not go on Social Media sites the number of third party sites was alarming. No matter how you browse the internet you are going to encounter more sites than you would have hoped for.

Every site I went to was well known and was credible, and in addition I did not have to give any information but after looking at Lightbeam I do not feel safe. Now, none of the sites I visited were considered online communities, there were still comment sections using Disqus. On Disqus you have the option to post as a user of disqus or as yourself from other social media outlets such as Facebook or Google +. It is crazy to see the difference between posts when someone posts are themselves or by an online identity. People are much more rude and insensitive when posting as a fake person while people have genuine and compelling arguments when posting from their own accounts. There was obviously outliers where people did not know how to behave online even when using their own accounts, but most of the comments were consistent.

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned a little about Lightbeam and the online communities.