Proposal for Toronto Students

Here is our propsoal for online students about the importance of online presence.

Hope you enjoy!


Google Syntax: Making Google Easier

Google is one of the easiest tools to use on the internet. Just type in what you’re looking for and most likely you’ll get it. But there are actually even easier ways to find the results you’re looking for. Here are a list of Syntaxs to know to enhance you’re Google skills.

How would you search for an exact word or phrase?

To find an exact word or phrase just put ” around the word or phrase.

For Example: “How tall is Dwight Howard?”

How would you search for something on a specific site?

To search something from a specific site just type in what you’re looking for, followed by site:, then the site you want to search on.

For Example: James Bond site:

How would you correctly search for a definition?

To search for a definition just put define: before the word.

For example:  define:orgranization

How would you search for a specific product available within a specific price range?

To find a specific product for a specific price range just put the first price, followed by “..”, followed by the next price.

For example:  Shoes $50..$100

How would you search for a specific filetype?

To search for filetype just include filetype: and then the type of file you are looking for.

For example: Test notes filetype: .doc

How would you include or ignore words in your search?

To include or ignore words in your search just put either a + or a – in front of the word.

For Example: Toronto Sports -leafs

How would you find sites/pages similar to an existing one?

To find similar pages just put related: in front of the existing one.


How would you confirm the exact form of a quote even if you were missing some of the words?

If you are missing some of the words, just include a * instead of the missing word.

For example: Never going to give you up, never going * you down

How would search for pages containing two connected words?

To connect two seperate words just use a tidle key in between ~.

For example: ice~hockey

How would you search for social media content containing a specific tag?

To search for a specific social media tag use # to find the tag.

For example: #TMLtalk


Digital Etiquette: The importance in the digital world.

When thinking about proper etiquette, one thinks of manners and language, but in the digital world it is much more than that. You need to keep yourself professional, remember that your thoughts are not just a a representation of yourself, but also the company you work for. Be informative, not annoying, but don’t be scared to voice your opinion or someone else will beat you to it.

The digital world is a community, and in order to be respected in the community you must treat it like any other community. Respect is earned, to do so you must make powerful arguments using logic and ration rather than emotions and lies. A different opinion is not always welcomed, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from voicing it. The digital community is the most diverse community in the world, as it has a global reach.

Creating a personal brands is a way to market yourself online. Most of the time after people meet they almost immediately search and find each other online, and when it has to do with business, it is vital that the first digital impression you make is a good one. Posting often and engaging with different social media sources is a good way to increase your personal brand along with digital reach. Linking accounts on social media allows for the greatest reach possible. In order to succeed on Social Media you have to think of your audience, and in order to do that you have to know your audience. If you are a very artisitic person you might use platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest rather than WordPress or Facebook.

I hope this helps you understand the importance of digital etiquette and why it’s so important in the digital world we live in.